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Alexis Ren Adidas shoes

Funny thing is, that the picture which is popular with Alexis Ren Adidas shoes, she is wearing men shoes. This collection was never built for women. Here are the shoes, i didn’t found any cheaper one then this.

These sneakers are Adidas Originals Campus 2 Sneakers, which were sold by adidas for over 80$, with the link i provided, you can get them a lot cheaper.

Alexis Ren Adidas photos are also with the same shoe, but only in black color.

Alexis Ren Adidas photoshoot with Brandy Melvile

I recently received this question:  I can’t find the black Adidas sneakers anywhere, they just don’t exist! Please helpme – she was wearing them at the last photoshoot with Brandy Melvile, where she had black dress and black Adi sneakers.

And i also saw this message on twitter an Tumblr pages

To answer your questions, they are Adidas Originals Campus 2 black version, but these don’t sold anymore. If you really want them, you can get them only in grey color and i men’s version, but they were never making them for women thought, Alexis must wore  men shoes at that shoot.