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For people who never heard of her I have prepeared little introduction of Alexis Ren aka the brown eye and dark blonde princes, so if you are familiar with who she is and you just want to look at her sexy videos and pics or discover some new info about her, skip this first part of this article.


Alexis Ren or i should say Alexis René Glabach is international model, who got famous via tumblr. She was born on 23rd of November in 1996 and she is from United States, more specificaly from Santa Monica in California. Her modeling career started very early on. She just turned 13 ajd she got call from Brandy Melville, after he saw her in their store, after that she was freelance model for few months. After few months of freelancing, come a big change for her. She got her first official contract and it was with NMM ( Nous Model Management ) at very young age of 14. This is how she started.

If you want to read more about her modeling history, I will list it for you at the end of this article.

Alexis Ren most known photos:


This is now a days her most famous picture, which went viral last week, in just a week it received 512 thousand likes and 11 347 comments, which is insane. In the photo is also her boyfriend, which I will talk about later in the article.

Video compilation of Alexis Ren:

Her life story:

Alexis Ren comes from big family of 5 and she is the third oldest, but most famous one. She is half Russian and half German, but born and raised in United States of America. Her well known fit body exist probably because of her mother. Who is health nutritionist expert, well i shoud have said was a nutritionist expert. her mother died on rectal cancer at the begining of the 2014, which was diagnosed in 2013 on mothers day. She was allready at s tage 4. It was quite difficult time for her, especially because she was home schooling and she graduated in 2013.


She is 174 centimiters tall, which equals to 5 feet and 8 and a half inches.

Chest size is 34″, which is 86.36 centimeters which is only 3.64 cm away from the notoricly known “ideal” measurement.

Her waist is only 22″, which equals to 55.88 centimeters.

And hip size is identical as checst measurement of 34 inchces.

All that with weigh in only 115 lbs = 52.2 kg.


That hip to waist ratio is just insane as you can see. This is why she has so many commercials for swim suits. Her body is just perfect for it.

Diet and nutrition:

She have stated in several interviews, that her routine consist of hour and a half in the gym each morning and right after the gym session she goes to yoga class.

Which is in total 2 up to 2 and a half hours of exercise a day.

Diet consist of no sugar, except fruit. No red meat or fatty meat, no bread and pasta. Ofcourse no alcohol and fastfoods. Other than that, she claims to eat everything, usually organic raw food.


If you want to read more about Alexis Ren Workout

But to be ohnest there are much better ways how to acheive a great body, than spending every day 2 and a half hours in a gym. If you want proffesional plan, which is tailored for woman, click here.


Daily products and routine:

There is quite a few things, from skincare products to shampoos, so here is article souly dedicated for Alexis Ren products.

They day usually starts at 7 am, if there i flight to catch, it shifts to 5 am. Next stop is french press coffee maker, which is at that time life saver.

Then comes the favourite part of the day for Ren, she is quite breakfast person. her favourite meal are gluten free pancakes from oatmeal. Right after that, she goes for workout & yoga.

After workout is almost afternoon, so after she shovers it is lunch time. Usually it is some kind of salad with lean meat for lunch.

Usually few hours after lunch, she goes for another coffee.

At evening / night she goes out, which turns in to night instead of evening, because she takes a lot of care of her hair.

If she decides to stay at home, she usually watch some tv with her boyfriend and her favourite show is scandal. After that she goes to sleep fairly early, she is quite tired at 10pm from all that working out she did in the morning.

Is she the most famous model at her age?

Those instagram numbers are just crazy, she almost has 5 million followers, she is less than 100k followers short from this milestone.

If you compare ig with facebook, it is quite funny, because on Alexis Ren facebook page is “only” 224 982 people. Reason for that might be, that se posts only 1-4 times a week, where as on instagram you can see posts atleast 3 times a week, usually 3-6 posts.

Twitter is very is the action and interaction, yes she has “only” 369 thousand followers there, but she posts and replies almost every they. She has over 6 thousand tweets in last 5 years.

Youtube: 90 494 followers, but with 3 million views.

Alexis Ren is one of few models, who has active vine with 19,4K followersm but her sutff was played over 800 thousand times!

Reddit: 12 032 readers and usually 20-50 readers are online.

Younow: 40 909 total views.

You can find Ren also on soundcloud, which is kind of interesting. And the numbers are not even that bad, she has 40 and a half thousand soundcloud followers, which is really good for this platform.

Those big numbers probably happened because of her involvment in early tumblr, but also her expirince with Bikram yoga, of which she post insane or sexy poses quite frequently. You might also saw from her vids and pics that she has quite good ballet skills. She was practicing it for 11 years, that is probably another reason for her awesomee figure.

Her most favorite quote:

OPTIMIST – Someone who figure that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s more like a CHA – CHA


Going to the beach and not only for long romantic walks. Playing on guitar. Drawing which you might saw on snapchat, it wouldn’t be her if it wasn’t modeling and thrift shopping on the daily with flea markets visit. And favourite shops are Free people, Urban outfitters and many others like Planet Blue.

And pets, she loves dogs and cats.

Her boyfriend:

Ren is curently daiting Jay Alvarezz, who is proffesional model, who is also well known for beign a surf and parachute fan, who is also huge on instagram with 3,6 million followers.  He is well known for traveling over the world not just only for fitness / athletic modeling photoshoots, but to surf and parachute, he has few insane youtube videos also. He is just one year older than herand they have been together almost for two years.


Her modeling history:

As i mentioned, she worked for NMM since she was fourteen years old, at that time this job got her famous in the area. Because of NMM she received and offer from seventeen magazine. And almost two years later she got her first big boom, because she did photo shoot with one and only Lucas Passmore and her photos went viral on Tumblr, it was kind of crazy, because she wasn’t even 16 at that time.

After her tumblr viral photos, she becamed very persued and finally got big magizine covers. It was 2013 i beleive in April, when she was on cover of C-heads magazine. Then she posed for Nextdoormodel magazine and that was kind of it for 2013.

Her 2014 started again with modeling for Nextdoormodel magazine. Year 2014 was quite good for her, a lot of you might remember her for Hurley campain for 2014 summer swim suit campaign. and few months after it she got job from Penta Water, which ofcourse wasn¨t big as the Hurley campaign, but it was still big job for such young girl.


This is what she looked like when she was 16 years old, this photo is almost 4 and 1 quater of a year old. It was one of her first big photoshoots and she doesn’t even look nervous and it is also her first photo on instagram ever!

At the end of 2014 in mid August she had her first runway walk for Sahara Ray Swim, which was hosted in Los Angeles. This was probably the reason, why she got offer from Chic Management, which she accepted even thought it is an Australian company. That actually happened in October and in October 2014 she also promoted Calvin Klein, at that time they had big campaign on social media with hashtag #MyCalvins. They recorded viral video with her, when she was representing campaign “Put it on, Take it Off”, which was tricky message for young lady Alexis Ren.

After working with Calvin Klein, almost everyone in the industry knew her, before 2014 ended they booked her for swimsuit issue of 2015 in Surfing Magazine.

The reason why she has more commercial modeling offers than high fashion ( runway modeling ) is most probably because of her height, if she was few inches taller, she would have greater chances of become next runway model star. But luckily for her, many companies like Victoria’s secret for example prefer commercial modeling than runway.
She is just a great fit for commercial style modeling, because they look for bigger curves.

Her biggest commercials if we don’t count Calvin Klein  and Victoria’s Secret were for Forever 21, Tobi, Bluenote and Nasty Gal.

How to contact Alexis Ren?

Her email is: , you can try social media to, if you decide to do that, I would recomment tumblr, i saw question and answer stuff once in a while.


I hope that you find what you were looking for in this article. If you could just share this article, it would be a big help for us! Anyway, thanks for reading and have a nice day.