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Alexis Ren traveling & other adventures

Alexis Ren traveled almost all around the world allready from very young age, because she became a model at 13 years old.

But nowadays Alexis Ren travels with her boyfriend Jay Alvarrez. He records their journeys on youtube. They only have 6 videos, but those six videos have over 45 million views, the most popular one is right now sitting at 17 million and over 5 hundret thousand views, it went viral year ago.

Their most recent visits were at Greek coastline, where they stayed for few days, before that day spend couple days in Santorini. Those are the recent ones.

Their journey started in California where Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren traveled together and lived there for couple years, then they decided to travel and travel a lot. So from Cali they went to Thailand, after having fun there, they went to Hawaii, which is kind of cliche, but they got great footage from there and they last stop for a while was Indonesia, where they got probably the most footage out Alexis Ren travels.

Alexis Ren travel photos

Speaking of Thailand


Very famous photo of her lying next to Thailand beach, after long flight there from California.

Santorini holiday

This picture below this paragraph is taken just three weeks ago, before they went to Thailand. This is beautiful photo from Jay, where Alexis is sunbathing in a dress in Santorini, which she loves with her soul.


Jay Alvarrez build with these pictures and videos over 3.6 million followers on instagram.

I highly suggest to watch some of their youtube videos, they are basicly highlights of those trips. You can always expect Jay jumping out of the plane and Alexis running in bikinis on the beatch. But the video quality is great and even the editing is on point, I didn’t expect such quality from just a youtube videos. Also Jay always rents great car, usually some kind of rare one or some sport car, in last video he has red lamborghini and they usually rent five star apartment, which also looks sick.

So if you’re interested in Alexis Ren travel expiriences, check those videos out, or if you want to find out more about her, go to our main page.