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Alexis Ren workout routine plan

yoLet me just start with this: They way Alexis Ren workouts is not optimal for most people and I’m not even talking about her diet. Yes she might work hard, but she could train smarter. And to be honest, the results are due to genetics and not because of her hard work or that she has “perfect program”.

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Alexis Ren workout routine

In last few of her interviews, she claimed to workout every day, unless she is traveling for work and she can’t make it to the gym.

Her workouts are usually in the morning, she starts with hour and a half in the gym and right after that, she wents for a yoga class. So at the end of the day, she workouts for two and half hours a day. And I don’t how abut you, but I can’t workout for two and a half hours every damn day. Because you also have to commute to the gym, take shover and dress and this could take in total 4 hours +, how the hell can you do that..

This is one of the reason, why is not great to follow Alexis Ren workout plan.


Other thing you should look at is, that her training usually contents some kind of hiking or boxing, self defense class. Sometimes she goes for pilates or Bikram yoga, for which she is kind of known and ofcourse ballet lessons, since she has been doing it for more that 11 years allready.

All of these types of exercised mentioned  above are more steady state cardio than weight training or HIIT ( high intensity interval training ). Not that cardio is bad, actually it is great for your heart. But in terms of your metabolism or building your desired body, no it is horrible choice.

Why not to follow Alexis Ren Workout Routine?

As I mentioned above, not everyone has 4 hours and more to dedicate to working out every day.

The next problem is, that high amounts of cardio slow down your metabolism, even thought cardio is great for you heart and have several other health reasons, it just won’t build your desired body. If you want to look like Alexis Ren, you have to build up your glutes, hamstrings, build abs and build bit of shoulders to make illusion of tiny waist. And to do that, you need to cause hypertrophy and you won’t be able to that enought with cardio. If you use weight training or atleast HIIT you will cause hyper trophy, you will speed up your metabolism atleast for next 24 hours, so you would be even able to eat more food and still loose weight or build lean muscle ( depending on your goals ).

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Alexis Ren Workout Clothes


This is her clothes, which she usually wears to the gym and now you can compare it to the yoga outfit:


She usually wears the same type of clothes for yoga and for her training. If you want to get the same clothes as her for training, go here and get great prices.

Training SESSION Video

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