Madison Webb started animal rescue for “unadoptable” animals. He got the idea, when he was volunteering at the Athens-Clarke County Animal Control. He realized that many dogs and many other pets have very low chances of adopting.

Especially large dogs are rarely adopted and if they are not adopted in time, they are going to be euthanized. Also not every dog gets in to the dog shelter, because most of the shelters take in only puppies or dogs under 25 pounds.For example most pitt bulls have very hard time finding new home. Most of them never find new home and when someone is interested in them, they are more often not very good fit for the dog.



After Webb found out about all of this, she realized that she has to do something about this. With the help of her friend Kelvin Ling and currently her business partner, she started Three Paws Rescue. They have received license this January. The rescue is up and running publicly since this June, since than they have helped found homes for dozens of cats and dogs.

Three Paws is an nonprofit organization that finds fosters / adopters for large, elderly or special needs pets, that are not commonly adopted. Most of the Three Paws animals were abandoned by their right full owners. At the moment they don’t have physical location

For more information about Three Paws Rescue, please visit their website. If you are interested in volunteering or donating, go straight to this page.