Are you on of the people who are not tech savvy? Or are you tired of trying to find out yourself how new apps work? Did you ever want to get better with Photos app and use this app to its full potential?

Than right now is the time to learn, Apple is offering personal “coaching” 1-on-1 and for free.

Apple just published this new page on their support website, where can U.S. customers now apply for free 30 minute coaching session via phone with on of the support staff Photos expert. This coaching will be one-to-one and you will learn how to edit your own photos, but don’t worry, this will customized to your “skill level”.

With in this coaching you will be able to get in Q&A, where you can ask about any tool from auto-enhancement to cropping and using and customizing filters. If you are thinking about this, I would apply as soon as possible. Even thought it is very nice gesture from Apple, that they are currently providing this service at no extra cost, we highly doubt that this service will be unlimited. It will get shutdown sooner or later.

If any of you tries this, please let us know how it went. Since this coaching will be done solely by audio and we are dealing with purely visual thing.

To be eligible to apply for this service, your iOS or macOS has to be updated to latest version. So if you thought that you will be able to get rid of your parents or grandparents with this service, that Apple will teach them how to use this app, you will have to at least update their device.