Apple released just today the newest version of its operating system for Mcs to the public. The new OS is available for download for free for anyone with compatible Mac.

The new version of Mac os macOS Mojave was released after 11 rounds of testing via beta versions. You can get macOS Mojave from Mac App Store or here is the link for direct download.

macOS Mojave is a very crucial update to macOS the same way as iOS12 was for iPhones. macOS Mojave is introducing a new systemwide Dark Mode. A user will be now able to choose between the new dark theme and a light theme. Theme changes the color of the dock, the color of the apps menu bar and other elements.

Dark Mode is accompanied by Dynamic Desktops, which mimic day throughout the day and slowly progress from the sunrise to the end of the day and beginning of a night.

Everything New in macOS Mojave:

One of the best features that Apple added is that it is harder for websites to track you, which in the end makes for Mac more secure.

MacOS Mojave drops support for a lot of older Macs in comparison with macOS High Sierra and it is compatible primarily with macs manufactured in 2012 or later.