Apple watch series 4, is it worth the money or not? Finally, after Series 2 and 3 of Apple watch Series 4 is more than overpriced fitness and notifications watch. Series 4 is not quite like a computer on your wrist, but it can be several different things to different people now.


USA Today review:

Besides the new health features, Apple improved a lot when it comes to display. Series 4 has 30% extra screen size than the previous series, it is due to edge to edge display. It doesn’t matter if you want 40mm or 44 mm version of the watch, 30% on screen this small it is quite a lot, finally, Apple watch will have decent size buttons and large text.


The New York Times review:

This new Apple watch series is probably one of the most significant developments in wearable gadgets in years.

CNBC review:

Apple advertises a battery life of 18 hours of use. We started testing them on Friday morning and the test ended on Sunday at 3 p.m. which is an improvement and enough for me.

The Verge review:

The Independent review:

This new series has a lot of advanced visual effects. Since the first Watch is high-quality animations of jellyfish and flowers through the additions of Toy Story characters or even Micky Mouse. The previous Watch face is of course still available, but now you can have items like Liquid Metal, which looks like rippling pools of silver or bronze, for instance.


Apple watch series 3 are currently 27% off since the new series.