If you want to buy a new tv you should focus on 4k televisions. It is already 2018 and Netflix, Amazon, Sky, Apple and many more are releasing movies and TV shows in 4K. With so much new content in top-notch quality, you should think about upgrading your TV to take the advantage.

New 4K TVs are offering more features, not “just” a sharper picture. They have better image processing, smart TV features, better design and they are usually a lot thinner. All of these things add up and many may say that it is almost like looking through a window on a beautiful day than just watching a screen.

The only downside to having a 4K TV at home is that you will feel shitty when you are watching TV in your work on crappy old TV…

Also, all of the new consoles are supporting 4K resolution… PS4 PRO, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X and S. If you have never played Madden or Forza Motorsport 7 in 4K resolution, you should try it. These games look truly eye-popping in this resolution.

In last year and a half 4K TVs have come down a lot in price, you can buy a decent set for the same price as a Full HD TV would have cost a half year ago.

Currently, the best cost-effective 4K TV on the market is TCL 49S517 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV.


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