Andrew Wilkinson leader of B.C. Liberal has turned down the B.C. governments demand to waive cabinet confidentiality for documents, which are related to money laundering allegations at B.C. casinos. Wilkinson received a letter where Eby suggested that these documents would help with stopping criminal activities at casinos.

“We were interested to hear the Attorney General himself is ignoring two court orders for disclosure of cabinet documents. The most recent ones from the Chief Justice of the (B.C.) Supreme Court. They ignored that order and say they are appealing it. David Eby is a hypocrite, plain and simple,” said Wilkinson.

Wilkinson in his comments didn’t rule out the option of turning these documents over.

On the other side, A. G. David Eby did promise to Wilkinson in the letter that documents, which are connected to the issue around money laundering would remain confidential.

Letter from Eby to Wilkinson.

David Eby speaking about casinos in B.C

David Eby made a statement for Global News where he reported his disappointment about Liberals, who won’t waive the cabinet confidentiality.