With in less than 15 years more than one third of Bangkok will be inundated, because of extreme rainfalls and changes in weather patterns, according to a World Bank report.

Tara Buakamrsi of Greenpeace said, that Bangkok is sinking each year between half and one inch.

And weather is not the only enemy of Bangkok. The weight of skyscrapers are contributing to the Bangkok’s gradual descent straight into the water. Bangkok has become a victim of its own frenetic development. Unlike other cities, which are “only” destroying them selves with pollution.

And what is even worse, specialist are anticipating more intense storms with in this area in the years to come, when temperatures rise, abnormal weather patters occur.

Buakamsri said:”We need a clear policy of land management.” Which is hard thing to do in Bangkok, since the price of the land is so high and it is still rising.

But there is still hope, last year Chulalongkorn University built in central of Bangkok an 11 acre park. Which main purpose is to drain several million litres of rain water and redirect it to neighbourhoods which are not flooded.

Un Climate Conference

The only good news are, that Bangkok officials will be attending UN climate conference this year in Poland. Also they have scheduled a meeting for next Tuesday to prepare for UN climate conference, hopefully it won’t be the last one before the end of this year, when they will be attending the conference.



This photo was captured just a few years ago and it is going to be only worse.