California and Trump administration official finally had a productive meeting this Wednesday. They have made a big progress in clean air regulations and there will be more meetings, until they meet the national standard.



The official said in the statement that they agreed to schedule future meetings to achieve national fuel economy and greenhouse gas emission standards. California automakers are the ones who are forcing California and Trump’s administration to get to an agreement. It was far better scenario for them, then living in uncertainty for years. Yes, automakers want looser emissions standards, but that is due to the market situation. Customers are now in favor of bigger and faster cars, which are using more fuel.

Why is Californias decision so important?

Californias decision on vehicle emissions is quite significant, since California state is the larges auto market in America. And not only that, several states and the District of Columbia is using the same vehicle emissions rules as California. Which accounts for more than 30% of all car sales in United States.