Current CEO of Twitter and Square (mobile payments company) Jack Dorsey was few days on JRE Podcast. Within the two hour podcast, he discussed with Joe on various topics, but he made quite bold predictions on future of bitcoin.

Jack Dorsey believes that Bitcoin will become native internet currency.

But can we truly trust someone whos app is supporting Bitcoin payments? When this app is the currently the biggest app within that category,m which is currently trending on iTunes?
Cash app is currently the 2nd app in the top chart of free apps on iTunes..

What makes us trust Jack Dorsey, even more, is, that his CashApp supports Bitcoin, but that is the only crypto that they accept and they have no plans to support any other cryptocurrency than BTC in future.
Also, CashApp is educating people about cryptocurrency, they have made a few months ago book for children about Bitcoin.

Luckily Joe Rogan was also quite skeptical during the podcast.