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First uncensored adult game on steam is restricted in 28 countries

Steam’s first uncensored adult game is Negligee: Love Stories. The game was finally approved and released at the end of last week. Since the release, several countries have banned this sexually explicit adventure game. So far the game is restricted in 28 countries.

“These restrictions are the downside of being the poster child for the first adult game on steam,” says Dharker Studios.


Dharker Studios couldn’t release the game “under the radar”, because if they did they could be fined for violating an agreement with steam and they will be also liable for all the costs and damages. Dharker Studios says: “We are a small indie developer and we do not have the resources for such cost whilst making games.”

List of restricted countries

  1. Australia
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Belarus
  4. Botswana
  5. China
  6. Egypt
  7. Germany
  8. Guyana
  9. Iceland
  10. Indonesia
  11. Iraq
  12. Japan
  13. Lebanon
  14. Malaysia
  15. Morocco
  16. Nigeria
  17. Pakistan
  18. Papua New Guinea
  19. Russia
  20. Saudi Arabia
  21. South Africa
  22. South Korea
  23. Sudan
  24. Turkmenistan
  25. UAE
  26. Uganda
  27. UIE
  28. Ukraine

Since the game have been restricted in 28 countries Dharker thinks about the possibility of censoring the game, but if they do they would have to remove most of the content. As they said themselves: ”If we censored this game so that everyone could play, it would remove 90 percent or more of the content, unfortunately, that means this isn’t really an option for this game. We will, however, continue to look into making a censored version as well as an alternate version to allay some of these restrictions.”

In past, most of their games had adult content, but only as a side story. Usually, there were only a few stories in addition to the main story, which was easy for them to censor. Because so far they had no country restrictions or any of their game wasn’t removed for adult content.

Negligee: Love Stories Gameplay