This is a topic, which in my eyes should be more talked about. Because even in cases where people are following excellent weight loss plans, like for example this one <-.
They don’t get the benefits of it, because they eat things they are not supposed to, and that prohibits them from losing fat. In this post, I will discuss with you, which foods you should never eat on a diet and which can also harm your diet!

Artificial Sweeteners

I am not going to talk about if they are healthy or not. There are not enough studies to tell, and it highly depends on which artificial sweetener you use, and some of them are “safe.”

But what they don’t tell you that there are few studies on this, those artificial sweeteners can make you crave sweets significantly more, which is not suitable for your diet. And most of the time this happens with zero calories drinks, that people usually end up buying because they are trying to stay on their diet. But after finishing that drink, they end up binge eating.

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Protein bars

I am not saying that all of them are bad. But a lot of them have very poor macros. Because even the better protein bars have just 50% of protein, but most of them have between 12-27%, and in this case, you get almost the same amount of protein if you would eat a Snickers. And again a lot of protein bars on the market have a lot of artificial sweeteners in them and lot o fat.

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They are excellent in theory, but in real life, most of those protein bars are very high in calories, and they can lead to binging on sweets, etc. And to be honest, most people have issues digesting them.

Fruit Yogurts

These are horrible; they have a ton of sugars and fats in them. Yes, there are low fat and low-calorie alternatives. But most people don’t buy these. And again, if you decide to go with low-fat low-calorie fruit yogurt. Guess what? It is full of artificial sweeteners.

If you genuinely want to eat yogurt, then get greek yogurt if you can and sweeten it with some low-calorie fruit like strawberries, blueberries or raspberries.

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It sounds healthy, and unfortunately, most people think that it is in fact, healthy. Not only that granola is full of sugars, but usually, it contains a lot of fat, just look at how many calories it has per 100 grams. For every 100 grams of granola, you could eat over two pounds of strawberries, and you will be still consuming fewer calories.

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Dried Fruit

Again, most people think that these are healthy. And I am not going to say that dried fruit is bad for you. But it is horrible for being on a diet. The main reason why fruit is good for dieting is because of the water content that it can make you full for just a few calories.

But that is not the case with dried fruit. Dried fruit is very caloric dense, and most of the time when it is packed, it has sugar added in for some reason…

My last thoughts

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