This week we had at our office several fitness Instagram influencers. They did not agree on everything, but there were a couple things they have agreed on, which we later found out from them are very important if you want to transform your body.

How to improve your fitness:

  • Get on a program
  • Track your food
  • Monitor your progress

They all swear by these three points. All of them have been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years now and they still do all of these three.

Get on a program

Each of them had a very specified program for themselves, but they suggested us this program, which will teach step by step what to do and how to, later on, adjust it when your goals change. This one is perfect for losing fat and gaining muscle.

Track your food

Tracking food is almost the most important part of all of this. From what they told us, MyFitnessPal is currently the best application on the market and it is free. You can use it on your iPhone / Android phone or even on your desktop pc.

Monitor your progress

This is a very crucial step. Not only you need to monitor your progress to keep yourself motivated, but you need to know if what you are doing is working. All of them recommended scale, which can not only weight you but also measure your body fat. On how to track this kind of progress they did not agree upon, but they told us you should weigh yourself only once a week and track that. And the other version was, that you should weigh yourself every day and make weekly averages and track that. The second option is more accurate.

We asked them how to track the progress if someone is traveling a lot. They have suggested that people who travel a lot should buy a caliper since it lightweight and easy to store/travel with.