This past Friday in San Francisco have ended four day trial. In which jury arbitrated un favor of Dewayn Johnson ( 46 years old ), ex school gardener. Who said, that the final stadium of cancer was from Roundup ( a weed destroyer, produced by Monsanto’s agrochemical giant ).

With in 4 day jury have decided, that company Monsanto did not warn enough about potential risks of using Roundup. Johnson will receive over $ 39 million for damages and the company will be charged another $ 250 million as a criminal sanction.

Shares of German conglomerate Bayer, which is current owner of Monsanta have fallen by more then 10,3% to a two-year low this Monday. Even thought they bought Monsanto just this past June for $ 63 billion.

Johnson is one of hundreds of oncologic patients, who sued Monsanto for their sufferings and for mislead advertising of Roundup and not informing about all potential effects of herbicid, which have been manufactured since 1974.