Once you leave U.S. military your skills don’t always transfer to a civilian job, unless you start doing something like Jocko Willink does. Most veterans end up taking job, for which they are over qualified, because they simply underestimate their experience. But google thinks other vise and believes it can help.

Google just now upgraded their job search feature with new tools, which will help veterans find roles, that match their experience and talents. If you type in “jobs for veterans”, you can also enter your military job code to find correct job for you. This feature works with sites like Getting Hired, FedEx Carreers and CareerBuilder.

Also Google launched new feature in google maps, where you can from now on tag your business as being veteran-run. Also with all of this happening Google is right granted a $2.5 million to the United Service Organizations [USO], to provide not only IT training, but also career support and Google Support Professional Certification. Course to get GSP certification is designed to prepare anyone for almost any entry level IT job in support. Of course, non of this guarantee employment, but it will definitely speed up the process and hopefully more veterans will end up having job they deserve.

This should help to make the transition for veterans back into civilian life little easier. One of the main initiators of this is Matthew Hudson, who is Google cloud program manager. He served in total three tours both in Afghanistan and in Iraq. And he was the one who thought that veterans often get a job, for which they are overqualified, because they are underestimating their military experience.