If your Android phone is running slowly, loosing battery quick or is overheating more than usual, it is probably hacked.  Lately many hackers have been mining cryptocurrency on smartphones and Android was a better target than Apple’s iphones.

In the best case if your phone was hacked and it is mining crypto, it will overheat, slow down and you will have to charge your battery a lot. But worse things could happen. Your phone could end up permanently damaged.

How to protect your Android smartphone

There is no easy way to find out if certain app is hiding malware. But there is few simple rules to follow, which can decrease a chance of getting malware in to your phone.

Keep your Android version up to date. In most cases, it will even speed up your mobile. Install your apps only threw Google play store. Avoid apps from unknown sources. When you are looking for new app, choose the one with good score of course, but also look at the number of downloads and use the one with the most amount of downloads, which is usually the legitimate app or legitimate version of the app. Also don’t grant unnecessary permissions to your apps when you install them.

Choose a good antivirus software

Yes, antivirus will slow down your phone, but it might be a good idea to use it. If you hate the constant notifications, that you need scan your phone for viruses or that your antivirus app is not up to date and you are not fully protected, just install antivirus from time to time, scan your phone and get rid of it.