Apple just rolled out an iOS update and within 24 hours since release over 10% of devices already installed this update. These numbers are way superior to Android updates, but in comparison to last years, this update is adopted by customers at a slower rate. In 2017 when Apple released iOS 11 it took only 24 hours to have 10% of devices on the new iOS. In 2016 within 24 hours there were almost 15% devices with an updated iOS.

Which is sad since iOS 12 is a great update. This upgrade will significantly speed up your device even on older devices.

For example on iPhone 6 Plus there is up to 40% increase in apps launch and they keyboard can appear up to 50% faster. The most improvement is on opening the camera on the lock screen to take a photo for which the load time was reduced by 70%.

Why is iOS 12 “unpopular”?

It might be due to the time when Apple released the update. Most of the users are probably waiting for a weekend to install this major update, they don’t want to risk that something bad will happened during a work week and most of the users don’t know how long it will take to update the device.

If you are reading this and you are still running iOS 11 or older, please think about updating your device. The update is available for iPhone 5s and newer devices also for Ipad mini 2 and newer and for the 6-the generation of iPod touch.

Is iOS 12 faster on the newest iPhone also?

Yes, it is, even though the most significant increase in speed and performance will be experienced on the older devices. Here is a speed test on all iPhones which support this update.