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Jailyne Ojeda – Pics, Vids & Private Snapchat

Are you fan of Jailyne Ojeda? Do you want her private SNAPCHAT handle? Look at the end of this article!

You still don’t know who Jailyne Ojeda is? This young beauty grow up in California in Fenix. She is ambassador of several fitness companies. She started as a personal trainer and got well known for her body, because and trust me in this, I have done my youtube, isntagram and Wikipedia “research” and no one has waist to hip ratio with still visible abs like she does.


Please vote at the end of the article – Jailyne Ojeda vs Kim Kardashian

Who has better butt and body?

You might even saw her in few video clips or magazines. Because she is hustling every day, and not just promoting herself in English speaking countries, she is fluent in Spanish also, which gives her an edge. She is daily recording for her Instagram and also shooting youtube videos of her workouts.


Her Instagram has now well over 6 million followers, it is full of hot pictures and vids of her, which are aimed towards her behind, usually in bikini.


Does she have butt implants?

There has been several roomers, that Jailyne Ojeda has butt implants, that it just not simply possible, that she can have that big of an ass, while still keeping her waist down, with visible abs, basically while not being fat. But if you look closely on her photos over the years, there has not been any significant change in her behind, it just slowly grew, while she was working out. Of course she is geneticly blessed, that she stores majority of her body fat only in her ass and not other places. But that is of course just my two cents, please leave us a comment in comment section below on what you think is true, does she have butt implants or not?


Is Jailyne Ojeda new Kim K. ?

Often she is called baby Kardashian, well she doesn’t have 95 million followers on IG, but still over 6,3 million fans is huge number also. What are your thoughts?


What does Jailyne Ojeda for living?

Most of the time, she is promoting her own products, while still advertising on her Instagram for other fitness companies ( protein shakes, bars, weight loss teas etc. ). From what I know, she quit personal training and she tries to persue her dreams, which is being and actress, so far her Acting career did not started. But that is the main reason, why she did not become a professional model!


This is probably why so many of you come, you want to know her snapchat username and let me tell you, it was the right choice, I have been following her and watching Jailynes snaps almost every day and it makes my day 150% better. Jailyne Ojeda’s snapchat is jailyneojeda24 . I still don’t know what the number 24 represents, but I don’t really care that much after watching her snaps 😀 .


Jailyne’s alleged photo shop usage

You can read it pretty much in comment section on every one of her photos on ig, facebook or even in threads on reddit. That Jailyne Ojeda must have photoshopped her thights. Well, I have already talked about it, but if you want proof, watch one of these videos and you will know, that her body is real. Try to photoshop a video bro!


Few little know facts about her.

She is not only child in a family, she grew up in Arizona with her younger brother.

Her first gigs were about from the time, when she had under 50 000 followers on Instagram and in that period of time, she was in music video clip from Alfredo Olivas for song TUS LAGRIMAS. At the time, she was still going to acting school at Barbizon and trying to make it in South West Modeling Agency, which represented her for short period of time.

If she knew, how much will her social media presence blow, she wouldn’t probably done it, but also at that time, she did promotions for several night clubs, which held place also in her home town Arizona!

She was born on January 9 in 1997 as I’ve already mentioned few times in Arizona, she is currently 20 years old and her birth sign is Capricorn. I don’t even have to check horoscope, to know, that she is my soul mate.