Probably the most known fitness model in the world right now. if you want to know how he eats, trains & recovers i suggest you continue with reading this article. I will also mention other things about Jeff Seid, some will bu funny and others won’t… For example his photoshop edits for his instagram.

This is kind of sad, someone with such an amazing body is still insecure and photoshops his delts for social media.

What is so epic about this, is that chest brah also photoshoped it :D. Those trap gains bro!
And we can’t skip is he natty or not debate, i will end this article with this topic.

Introduction of Jeff Seid

As i mentioned he is one of the best fitness models in the world at incredible age of 21.
But his first appiroences in fitness industry were few years ago, because he has this insane body since he was 17 years old and everyone was acusimg him of snacking roids three times a day.

Keep in mind, that he started working out, when he was 13 years old. He already put 8 years of hard work. He might not train optimaly like other narural bodybuilders, who try to workout each muscle group two or three times a week. And they are only able to do this via having splits like upper & lower body workouts, push , leg , pull routine or combination of those. Or full body workouts combined with one those two. But you can see still some similiriaties in his approach with these kind of workouts. His “lagging” body parts are in his split two or three times a week, which is considered by researched we have most optimal for muscle growth or retaining muscle while cutting.
And another fact is, Jeff Seid workouts aren’t optimal, but he works hard. At the end of the day, you can’t supplement hard work and if you do something that you beleive in and you work hard at it, your results will be better than if you did the most optimal training, but you would hated it.
Bodybuilding is not always about the best scenario every single day, but about long gevity and making good decision ober long period of the time. Jeff Seid’s workout plan is testamine of this!

His supplementation:

Since he was 17 he was already sponsored athlete, he signed with . Now he is with , which is his third contract, but he takes pretty much the same stuff as before.

Is Jeff Seid Natty?

Everyone talks crap, that he might not be on hard druhs like tren etc. but that he must be taking slme fatburner like clen or t3. But the truth is, that he is not 4% bodyfat like everyone claims, specially those who count his FFMI to “prove” that he is not naturel.
He has been blessed with his genetics, not only because of his muscle bellies and insertions, but he retains most bodyfat in legs. Legs are also the place for him, where the fat goes of last. His upper body might look like he is 4-6% bf, but trust me he doesn’t have shredded glutes. He might not have them ever striated and if he did, it was only for the weekend of the competition.
Plus you need to consider, that he has been doing wrestling since very young age, so even before he was lifting he had more muscle than others at his age.
I personely beleive, that his background in wrestling helped him with his bodybuilding career, because most of us when we started lifting, we had no idea what we were doing. And not just in the gym.. My diet was mess. He knew at 13 years old how to train, how to eat. His discipline from wrestling transfered in to bodybuilding and non of this his haters don’t atribute to his physique. Ask any fitness model or pro bodybuilder and they will all tell you, that if they knew from beginning what they know now, they would save them selfs atleast two or three years, that they could look like they do now those two or three years earlier. Another thing you need consider is that he didn’t took any time of, because it was his age from very young age and he hadn’t any major injury.