Firefighters in California rescued a kitten, that was stuck in a Prius engine compartment, for more than 350 miles.

During yesterday’s afternoon firefighters from Beverly Hills Fire Department saved a kitten, which was trapped in the engine compartment of the car. Luckily, owner of the Toyota Prius heard the kitten meowing. Thank god, that Toyota Prius is so noiseless. Owner of the Toyota Prius said to the firefighters, that she was driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

The Beverly Hills Twitter account at CityofBeverlyHills shared several photos of the tiny kitten, which was trapped for hours and it seems unharmed.

Our only question is, how the hell she was able to get there.

Don’t buy Prius if you love cats

Apparently Toyota Prius is not cat friendly car, this have happened several times before. Back in 2015 it was all over the news, when a cat got trapped in Prius engine.