Nasa sees a goldmine in the abundance of Co2 in the Mars atmosphere. Astronauts could be harvesting in space, which would change everything. We just don’t know how o convert it and who ever solves this for NASA can win $1M.

To claim the actual prize money of one million dollars, each participant have to make it through two phases. The first and current concept phase carries a prize of ¼ of million dollars. In the second demonstration phase comes with the rest of the prize money. In phase one, there will be up to 5 teams, which will receive $50K for their blueprints for the physical chemical way of turning carbon dioxide into glucose.

To make it to the second phase, the idea must be proven to be working one, other than that, there are no other rules for phase two.

If anyone figures this out, he will change whole NASA program, but even our lives. Because this technology won’t be only useful on Mars. On our earth is carbon dioxide abundant too. This could turn our waste to something use full.