British voters would now vote 41 to 59 in favor of staying in the EU if given the option after a 6 point swing away from Brexit. This poll showed so far the highest support for European Union membership since 2016 referendum, where 51.9% of the votes backed leaving the EU.

The poll showed that 59% of voters would rather remain in the EU, versus 41% who would vote to leave EU. These findings were published in an academic report on Wednesday by research bodies NatCen & The UK in a Changing Europe.

The survey interviewed in total 2048 subjects and the whole survey was done in one month. Which means that the survey is not affected by current news. Also the survey was conducted before Prime Minister Theresa May published her negotiating strategy.

Theresa May’s negotiating strategy draws heavy criticism from Brexit supporters and also from the ones who want to stay within the EU.

John Curtice, the author of the report said: ”Both Remain and Leave supporters have become markedly more critical of how both the UK government *especially* and the EU *somewhat less so* have been handling the negotiations.”

Curtice also said that the results of the polling showed that the most important factor for the voters is their perception of its economic effects, rather than the type of deal and its details.