Marijuana might be legalized for recreational use in NY before end of this year. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that a series of fifteen public listening sessions. All of them will be in September and October to get public opinion on this matter.

Main driver for this is a study which was done in January, which investigated potential impacts of a recreational marijuana use in NY.

State Department of Health led this study. They have examined the health, public safety and economic impacts of marijuana legalization. According to a press release, it was decided that there is more positive impacts over potential consequences, which could be farther reduced via regulation and education.

Mr. Thiele noted that possession of marijuana should not be something, that goes on someone’s criminal record, he said that he is still concerned about the message that the legalization of marijuana would have to young people, who are struggling with a substance abuse.


The New York Market

The Department of Health’s reported estimates of 1.3 million marijuana users. With these numbers they actually estimate over $3.5 billion in annual sales, which is little more than 15 times than today’s medical marijuana market.

Medical marijuana program in New York has been growing month by month and now has over 60 000 active patients. Access is steadily growing with the number of qualifying medical conditions, with which marijuana can be prescribed.