Dispite all of these accusations Pope Francis has no intention of stepping down. He remains fighting that he did not protected a former archbishop, who was accused of sexual abuse, reported Italian news agency ANSA, which was citing “close associates” of the pope Francis.

All of this started with a letter, which was written by the Vatican’s former ambassador for the U.S., Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. Vigano wrote that Pope Francis and his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI knew that Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was a „serial sexual predator“. Who was in July accused of abusing several adults and minors. After which he have resigned as a cardinal.

This Wednesday morning private secratary for Pope Emeritus Benedict, Archbishop Georg Ganswein, called this report on the scandal as “fake news”.


Who wants Pope Francis to resign?

Vigano in his 11 page letter called on Francis and others who he says remained silent about McCarrick. Vigano writes, that he informed Pope Francis about McCarrick’s unsuited behavior back in 2013. Vigano alleges, that Pope Francis “continued to cover up for” McCarrick.

Since Sunday, when Vigano’s letter was published, several conservative bishops from America have voiced their support for Vigano and Pope Francis resignation.Cardinal Raymond Burke, former archbishop of St. Luis, Joseph Strickland and Bishops David Konderla are very vocal about supporting Vigano.


And anyone who saw Pope Francis twitter feed, knows that he is not thinking about stepping down at all.