I will cover here everything, which is connected to bodybuilding ( his diet, workouts ) and answer some common questions about him.. Rich Piana’s age, height, weight, net worth, steroids.. etc.

Rich Piana is provably most known bodybuilder nowadays, which is quite funny since he is not competing anymore and it is already quite some time since his last competition, which was in

Is Rich Piana realy that honest ?

Well he admits that he takes and has been taking steroids for years, but he still photoshops his instagram pictures.. Don’t get me wrong i like the guy, but that doesn’t seem very honest to me.

Rich Piana’s girlfriend

I should say wife now! A lot of people were asking who she is. Sara has been Rich’s wife since Mr. Olympia in 2015 where they got married. And they had really bad divorce back in 2017. After that, he got back to his ex girlfriend Chanel, which at the begining looked awesome, since he have started living little healthier life ( no more crazy parties etc.) but that still wasn’t enought and his health failed him in 2018.

How he become internet sensation?

It was when mutant ( supplement company ) signed him as their athlete, he was already out of bodybuilding world at that time. They started their video series on youtube featuring their athletes and ofcourse promoting their supplements with in those videos. And he was something else, there is not that many bodybuilders who are tatooed from head to toe, because it would hurt them in competition. Plus he wasn’t talking about old and boring plain chicken with rice diet. He was talking about huge shakes, about 12 meals a day and getting huge! Just some crazy as shit, since i’m talking about crazy shit I need to mention his eight hour arm workout. This was something completly different from everything other bodybuilder, it was something new and bad sh*t crazy, that cause atraction and eventualy those videos got viral. End when his contract expired je started talking openly about steroid use and show me one bodybuilder who admited and talk about his steroid usage.

Does he has bigorexia?

Even he admits that his current bigger by the day series is only marketing move, that he doesn’t wish to be bigger. Since his pro bodybuilding career is over, he realy doesn’t have any reason to get any bigger. Because being 300 pounds with decent level of leanes and being tatooed from toe to head was enought to make him internet sensation. So no he doesn’t have bigorexia, he just want to make more money. And it is clearly working, his bigger by the day video series is getting constantly over 300k views per video. It is probably most watched and viral video series on youtube, in fitness / bodybuilding niche it is definetly most watched youtube serie. I don’t want to hate Rich Piana, but lets be honest, the video quality is not that good and i’m not even talking about editing. He mixed several times diferent days into one video by accident..going to the fym with silver mercedes benz and going back home in his blue Bently or talking on the way to the gym about how he will train shoulders that day and post workout he was talking about how he killed legs.. I could go on and on, but i get it, he is new to this and he has too much footage. And I beleive that in few months or maybe a year, he will be great at it. But back to the bigorexia issue. He recently talked in one of his videos, that he is going to get atleast under 250 pounds. Not because he has some health issues right now, but because it is smart move for his future.