Luis Ocampo an army medic left his home in Charlotte, N.C so he could help on the Carolina coast after the hurricane. Luis Ocampo spent several days in Bew Bern, a riverfront city ravaged by the storm.

When Ocampo was gone, his girlfriend and mother of his child Kailey Finch left their place and staid with Ocampo’s parents.

When Ocampo returned to his home, he was shocked. His place was completely ransacked. The thieves not only stoled all of his electronics, jewelry and costly family possessions, but they also trashed his house.

„This soldier, my soldier… was out on the coast helping with hurricane relief, when he came home he found that he had lost everything of importance,“ Kailey Finch wrote on her Facebook wall.“His laptop with all his schooling stuff, television, and game system. We are trying to get the word out and see if anyone has any information about who may have taken it.“

After this post went pretty much viral, a friend of this young couple, Mary Elise Capron launched an online fundraiser at GoFundMe.

Mary Elise Capron wrote on GoFundMe: „Luis Ocampo is NC army medic with 6 years of honorable service. Recently he was on State active duty helping with hurricane Florence relief efforts…. he returned home to an empty ransacked house. He did all he could to help those in a time of need and now he is the one in a time of need. Every penny could help himself, his girlfriend and their baby. I have worked closely with Ocampo, in the national guard and he is an amazing soldier and person. I am honored to know him and cannot believe something so terrible could happen to someone so dedicated to the service, his family and school.“

The fundraiser on GoFund me reached 3 times the goal. Within a few days, this campaign on GoFundMe had almost 400 donations which equaled to $15,000 instead of $5,000.

Luis Ocampo aksed Mary Elise Capron to stop the fundraiser because he never expected to receive that much money in the first place and he didn’t want to abuse the generosity of these good people.

What is even more interesting on the story of Luis Ocampo is not only the successful fundraising campaign and the fact he stopped it. But most of the money he donated to the Soldiers and Airmen Assistance Fund. He also gave some money to other servicemen affected by the hurricane, including a soldier who had to move to a hotel, because a tree fell on his house during the storm and completely shattered his roof.

„A big part of wanting to give the donations comes from seeing how generous people have been and I wanted to pay that back to someone else who needed help,“ Ocampo told People.