Saudi Arabia have expelled canadian ambassador in the kingdom, due to envoy from the North American country, after the government in Ottawa expressed their concerns about recent arrests of

civilians and women’s rights activists in the kingdom.

Earlier this morning Saudi Arabia’s  foreign ministry said that the kingdom will be also freezing all the new business and investment transactions, which have anything in common with Canada.

A spokeswoman for Canadian foreign minister Chrystia Freelan said quite late on Sunday, that she is “seriously concerned” about reported developments in Saudi Arabia and that she is seeking as she speak for clear information from Saudi officials. She also have mentioned, that she will always stand up for the protection of the human rights and especially including women’s rights and freedom of expression around the globe.

Few hours after this Saudi Arabia granted to Canadian ambassador a 24 hour notice to leave the kingdom.

We believe that all of this was just an escalation of last week drama, when authorities in Saudi Arabia arrested 2 women’s rights activists, which caught a lot of international criticism and tainted the kingdom’s top-down agenda of change.