The Vatican launched a small wearable smart device that can connect to any smartphone through the app for guided Prayer.

Black eRosary smart bracelet device, that will help you with your prayers
e-Rosary bracelet

The e-Rosary Prayer is a device which is targeting young people to educate them about praying. And in the near future, it should be the church’s official online communication channel. It is a cross-shaped device that syncs to a free app, where it is tracking the user’s progress.

To activate the device, you need to make a sign of the cross, and the device will automatically keep track of the user’s rosary progress. Users will be able to choose from three main ways of praying. User will be able to select one of those three:

  • standard rosary
  • contemplative rosary
  • thematic rosary

Ten black agate and hematite beads are making the rosaries, and the metal cross is detecting the movement.

The Vatican also promises yearly updates.

This device can be worn as a bracelet. Currently, it is being sold on Acer’s website but so far only in the Italian version for less than $150.