During this week news broke about Verizon. How Verizon was slowing firefighters data speeds during a wildfire crisis around whole California. Of course there was a lot of outrage and hopefully there will be even more backlash for these actions, which Verizon took. Verizon dropped firefighters connection to a crawl, even when Verizon was informed of the emergency status. Fire departments speed wasn’t restored until they have paid for a better plan.

Current Verizon stance on this whole situation is that they have made a customer service policy mistake and also stated: “This situation has nothing to do with net neutrality or the current proceeding in court,” these were the first words of company’s spokesperson.

The Santa Clare County Fire Department joined the California county and is suing Verizon. And for a good reason. There was more than one cases, when firefighting command and control vehicles had 0.5 % of it is usual internet speed. Which lead to slower and in some cases destroyed operations during this summer’s Mendocina Complex fire. Which was up to date the largest wildfire in Cali’s history.

Under net neutrality rules, which were set by the Obama administration. Which were inactivated by Trump’s FCC chair.

Gigi Sohn said very important thing: “If the net neutrality rules were still in place, I don’t think there would’ve been a monthlong conversation about this.”

For those who were not in a loop, Gigi Sohn worked under previous FCC chairman and worked on net neutrality rules.